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On 1 June train service timetable will change

On 1 June 2014 a new train service timetable will come into force. It will bring certain changes to the schedule of international Go Rail trains.

 “It is the traditional change that takes place once every year and by which railway companies adjust their international schedules for the next period,” explains Jolan Ševtsov, the development manager of AS GoRail.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the daily Tallinn-St. Petersburg train will depart from Vitebski station 11 minutes earlier. Before travelling we also recommend you to check departure times of Moscow and St. Petersburg trains from intermediate depots, since several minute changes are also possible there.

Departure and arrival times for other trains on Tallinn-St. Petersburg and Tallinn-Moscow routes remain the same or will shift few minutes later, so there is no risk of being left behind.

More information about timetables:

Timetable for Tallinn-St. Petersburg route

Timetable for Tallinn-Moscow route

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