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Go Rail to introduce second train on Tallinn-St. Petersburg line

In cooperation with the FPK company of Russian Railways, AS Go Rail is set to introduce a second passenger train on its Tallinn-St. Petersburg line. The train will make its first journey from the Estonian capital to the Russian metropolis on Thursday 22 August.

According to Go Rail CEO Alar Pinsel, the introduction of the second train will allow the company to offer passengers more frequent journeys and to bring thousands more tourists from St. Petersburg to Estonia. “Two trains operating on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg line will complement each other: they’ll be departing from both cities in the morning and in the afternoon,” he explained. “This is something a lot of travel agencies and passengers in St. Petersburg have been hankering for, because the schedule of the train introduced last year is better suited to those travelling from Estonia. The second train’s schedule allows tourists coming from Russia to spend more time here, so it should give a boost to the Estonian tourism industry as well.”

Initially the second train will be used on the St. Petersburg line in the second half of each week when there are more people interested in making the journey. Train no. 811/812 will depart from Tallinn in the afternoon on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays and from St. Petersburg in the morning on Fridays, Saturdays and Mondays. The company is considering the launch of daily departures at a later date.

Go Rail operates diesel trains on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg line. The trains comprise first- and second-class sitting carriages accommodating up to 280 passengers.