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Railway bridge construction

Due to railway bridge construction the Moskow-Tallinn-Moskow train will not departure from Moskow on 26.06.2019 and from Tallinn on 27.06.2019.

18. April 201918. April 2019

New schedule for winter on Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn route

Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn train is going to switch for wintertime running schedule from October 28th.

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27. August 201827. August 2018

Summer schedule on Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn

Starting from Sunday, March 25th, there will be new running schedule on route Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn because of switching to Daylight Saving Time in Estonia.

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8. March 20188. March 2018

New running schedule

From December 10th, there is new running schedule for train Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn.

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10. November 201710. November 2017

Full price on Russian territory

Attention! From December 22nd until December 31st 2017 there is no discount on tickets on Russian Federation territory. From January 1st until January 8th 2018 there is no discount in Estonian territory either.

30. October 201730. October 2017

Change in train schedule

Starting from October 29th there is new running schedule on Moscow-Tallinn train line. Train will start from Moscow 22:15 and arrive to Tallinn on 12:35 next day.

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4. October 20174. October 2017

Tickets to Moscow-Tallinn-Moscow route available 60 days ahead

Starting from the December 16th, it is possible to buy tickets to Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn route 60 days ahead instead of the previous 45 days.

16. December 201516. December 2015