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New running schedule for Tallinn-Moscow-Tallinn trains

Trains between Tallinn and Moscow are running on a new schedule from December 13th.

Trains starting from Moscow leave the station 23:10 and enter Ivangorod station 9:29 next morning. Train is leaving from Ivangorod station 10:09 and arrive at Narva 9:17 local time. Train leaves from Narva 10:02 and reaches it’s destination Tallinn 12:32.

The updated schedule for Tallinn-Moscow trains for season 2015/2016 is following: train leaves from Tallinn station 15:35 daily and arrives at Narva 17:53. It continues to Ivangorod 18:38 and reaches Ivangorod 19:44 local time. Train leaves from Ivangorod 20:24 and arrives at destination Moscow 10:06 next morning.

The detailed running schedule can be found here:


18. December 201518. December 2015