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From now on train tickets to Russia are offered with the discount of up to 50% also during peak travel periods

Since 13 October it is possible to purchase train tickets to Russian destinations with the discount of up to 50% also during the most popular travel periods (31 October – 5 November 2014 and 25 December 2014 – 11 January 2015).

The previous date-dependent pricing scheme excluded those peak travel times. At the same time the period of sale of tickets at discount prices will be extended by 10 days.

“Working in cooperation with Russian rail company FPK we are glad to be able to offer discounts for these new periods – the times when the interest towards international rail travel is the highest,” says Jolan Ševtsov, Development Manager of Go Rail. “We believe that the new pricing will once again help to bring thousands of Russian guests to Estonia and to stimulate tourist industry in general”.

In order to qualify for the discount the tickets should be purchased at least in 16 days before the date of travel. The maximum discount rate for the Tallinn-Moscow route is up to 50%, and for the Tallinn-St. Petersburg route is up to 20%. These maximum discounts are valid if tickets are purchased at least in 31 days before the departure.

Tickets purchased in 11-15 days before the trip are not discounted and tickets purchased in 10 or less days before the journey are subject to a 5% surcharge.

These ticket purchasing terms and conditions are applicable both to first and second comfort class tickets on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg route and to SV cars with two-berth compartments as well as four-berth compartments on the Tallinn-Moscow route (both to full-price tickets and to discounted tickets for children aged 5-10).

The discount is not applicable to groups and trips made within Estonia.

Children younger than 5 years travel on Go Rail trains free of charge.

On 15 May 2014 Go Rail implemented the purchase date-dependent pricing scheme on the Tallinn-Moscow train route. On 15 August 2014 the similar scheme was implemented on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg route.

International train tickets become available 45 days prior to the train departure date. 

13. October 201413. October 2014