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From June passengers will be able to take a train to Moscow at half-price

From 1 June 2014 passengers will be able to travel to Moscow on a train at half the standard price, since AS GoRail that organizes international train passenger transport is to significantly increase discounts for tickets on the Tallinn-Moscow route.

50% discount will apply to the tickets purchased in at least 31 day before the actual trip. In such a case SV comfort class return ticket prices for the Tallinn-Moscow route will start from 164 euros and a four-berth compartment ticket from 90 euros. 30% discount applies to all tickets purchased in 30-16 days in advance.

According to Jolan Ševtsov, the development manager of Go Rail, such remarkable discounts became possible due to international cooperation with Russian Railways. “We are happy that the solution based on our agreements provides yet another great reason to take a train if you need to go from one capital to another,” says Ševtsov. “Long-distance trips are usually planned in advance, and thus the option of purchasing tickets half-price will certainly become good news for great many travelers both in Estonia and in Russia”.

The discounts do not apply to the tickets purchased in 15-11 days before the trip. An additional 3% fee is added to all tickets purchased in 10 or less days before the trip.

The above discounts apply to trips in SV comfort class cars and in sleeper cars until the end of this year, except for the peak period of 31.10-5.11 and 25-31.12.2014, when the tickets are sold at their full prices.

Passengers can purchase tickets for international trains in up to 45 days before the departure date.

AS GoRail has introduced the discount system for Moscow trains of 15 May, when the maximum possible discount rate was 20%. 

29. May 201429. May 2014