Go Rail operates a wide range of locomotives for various purposes. We provide shunting services for passenger and freight trains in stations as well as on industrial branch lines.


is a unique shunting locomotive which was fully modernised in 2018 by United Depots (Ühinenud Depood AS). As part of the modernisation, a new Volvo-Penta 1660 VE carriage engine with AdBlue was installed and the driver’s cabin was completely renewed.


Length: 8,920 mm

Speed: 60 km/h

Mass: 48 t

Engine: Volvo-Penta 1660 VE


series locomotives are for shunting work at stations and on industrial branch lines and for servicing feeder trains. ČME3 locomotives are powered by a four-stroke, six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine (K6S310DR).


Length: 17,200 mm

Speed: 95 km/h

Mass: 123 t

Power: 993 kW/1330 hj

Engine: K6S310DR


is a single-unit, six-axis locomotive with two cabins, primarily designed for heavy passenger and high-speed train carriage. It is currently used for the Tallinn-Moscow passenger train.


Length: 21,700 mm

Speed: 160 km/h

Mass: 135 t

Power: 2942 kW/4000 hj

Engine: 2А-5Д49


is the only eight-axis locomotive in the Baltics designed for shunting full-length trains in stations and on industrial branch lines.


Length: 21,500 mm

Speed: 100 km/h

Mass: 180 t

Power: 1470 kW/2000 hj

Engine: КТЗ 2-2Д49


Freight train

Length: 18150 mm

Speed: 100 km/h

Mass: 138 t

Power: 2800 kW/3060 hj

Engine: 1А-9ДГ


Maneuver train

Length: 16900 mm

Speed: 100 km/h

Mass: 126 t

Power: 882 kW/1200 h.j.

Engine: 1-ПДГ4А