Charter a train

Charter a train

What if you thought outside the box and organised a totally unique event on a train? Why not hold an amazing wedding on a train with all your guests? A train can go anywhere railway lines will take it! You can arrange a birthday party, a stag do, a hen night, a special meeting, a disco, a client event or even a night’s stay on a train. What’s certain is that any event held on a train will be a memorable one!

We run charter trips on our DR1B diesel trains all over Estonia. The train consists of two 50-seat engine wagons and can carry up to four attachable carriages.

For a real VIP experience, why not add different class wagons to a TEP-70 locomotive with beds and kitchen areas?

Party train

Retro train with benches (seating 126)

Wagon with cushioned seats and a bar (seating 80)

Party wagon (dance floor & DJ booth, no seats). Accommodates 123 passengers. You can add to it a party wagon with a bar (dance floor, no seats).


Restaurant wagon (seating 48)

Saloon wagon (seating 10)

The saloon wagon can be used for shorter and longer trips as well as for overnight accommodation. The wagon meeting room has a desk, chairs, a sofa and a media centre (TV).

Accommodation is in couchette cars that can sleep up to 10 people. Couchette no. 1 has a small sitting area with a desk in addition to a double bed. Couchette no. 2 has two single beds. Couchette no. 3 has four single beds. Couchette no. 4 has two single beds.

The wagon has a kitchen for preparing warm food. It is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave oven. There is also a bathroom with a shower and a toilet, as well as a separate WC.

Emperor’s wagon (for up to six passengers)

The emperor’s wagon can be used for exclusive train rides with select companions.

The wagon includes three two-bed couchette cars, a kitchen for preparing food, a meeting room with a desk and TV, a shower room and two WCs.

The couchette car is a sleeping car with beds on two levels (four beds in total). We have nine couchette cars offering 36 beds.

The 1st-class couchette car provides more private sleeping arrangements, with only two beds on one level. We have nine 1st-class couchette cars offering 18 beds.

Charter a train