About us

About us

We are a transportation company based on 100% Estonian private capital. Our main activity is the provision of passenger and freight transport services by rail. In addition, we offer various shunting works for passenger and freight trains in stations, terminals and industrial railways.

Our rolling stock is the largest in Estonia and includes all the most common types of locomotives. We respect sustainable management and want to be a reliable and secure partner for our customers.

Considering the importance of safe and secure railway traffic, we support the activities of MTÜ Operation Lifesaver Estonia by taking an active part in public railway safety prevention work in Estonia as responsible railway companies.

We belong to the Go Group, a affiliated group based on Estonian capital, whose four areas of activity are transport, tourism, engineering and real estate, employing more than 1,000 specialists in their field.

AS GoRail
Reg.no. : 10541949

Toompuiestee 37, 10133
Tallinn, Estonia

Bank: account no. 221011977710 (Swedbank AS)

Our history

The history of GoRail dates back to 1870, which saw the opening of the Baltic railway and the first railway line between Estonia and Russia. Cargo and passengers were transported between the two countries using steam trains. The transition to motor trains was made during the Soviet era.

The state enterprise Estonian Railways Ltd was established on 1 January 1992 with the aim of managing Estonia’s railways. In 1998, the joint undertaking EVR Ekspress was formed from the international passenger carriage department of Estonian Railways Ltd. Business operations commenced on 1 April 1999. The company’s main activity was operating the Tallinn-Moscow and Tallinn-St Petersburg routes. In addition, it managed the repair and maintenance of rolling stock in its early years.

In January 2005, Go Group acquired EVR Ekspress shares. That same year, the company was merged with Go Group and renamed GoRail.

In addition to carriage, GoRail has managed the repair and maintenance of rolling stock, which has now been moved to Go Group’s other company Go Craft.

In 2019, GoRail further expanded its activities to railway freight carriage.