One train three capitals!

Go Rail is selling tickets to the international train which starts serving passengers on route Tallinn-St. Petersburg-Moscow from 10.07.2015. We also sell tickets for inter-urban passenger trains in the Baltic States, CIS countries and countries connected to them. 

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Two-berth SV compartments will be added to the Tallinn-Moskow train

One wagon which includes also two-berth SV compartments will be added to the Tallinn-Moskow train from 2.11.2015 and the other from 5.12.2015 staring from Moskow. Ticket of the more comfortable travelling cost from Tallinn to Moskow 144 € and from Tallinn to St. Petersbourg 67 €. Tickets are already available.

30. October 201530. October 2015


Timetable changes

Estonia will transfer to winter time on last Sunday of October. It also will bring  changes in the timetable of Tallinn-St Petersburg-Moscow passenger train from 25.10.2015. Check new timetabel here:

17. September 201517. September 2015


Online tickets are now available

From 16 September 2015 it is possible to purchase tickets to Moskow-St.Petersburg-Tallinn passenger train via internet. E-tickets are available here:

17. September 201517. September 2015


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